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New Ohlins for TL1000S

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Just saw HM Racing on Facebook, they have what looks like a new Ohlins for the S.

No price though....
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If you're talking about this post:

I think they found one sitting around and are taking bids. I don't know what the old SU805 Ohlins looked like...but I assume this is it...
Sams already on it :lol
Its the same as my one .

Still fantastic.
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They last a very long time.

This one is 13 years old.
WD40 is great stuff. :thumbup
£300 bargain if they let him have it at that price too.
Just had my Ohlins serviced after mmmfmfmfmfmf years. :bitchslap I know. I should take better care of my toys.

Feels like new again.
Last time I was there I spotted it, Original sticker price on it was £600 odd if memory serves...
I payed around £380 new. :;)
Things were cheaper in the '70s. :laugh
I don't remember I was a kid then :laugh

And I am only slightly older now :;)
Just found an add for a new one. That will be £800 shiny new pounds to you Sir!.
Sorry I only work with pound note's

The guys down there have had that in the shop for some time, obviously never got the original price they wanted? I'm pretty sure Dave would do a deal if Sam hasn't already got his grubby paws on it :laugh
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I don't want it, only if there was some modding money to be made by selling it on, just threw in a cheeky bid incase they didn't realise what it was worth :laugh
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