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New member from Ireland

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Hi guys.

Ive been looking at The Tl1000r for the past while now..there's just something about the bike that im in love it. Ive been watching videos on u tube, And the sound of this beast of a machine is pretty amazing. Now ive also been looking at the rsv mille...ive been talking to somw guys about the Tl1000r and some have said I should stay well away from them as they are a bad handling bike that cant take are very hard to get etc. They advised me to go for the Aprilia even if it meant more expense! !! The problem I have is the people I asked all own Aprilia's. So can anyone here set the record straight as I would really like to own a TL1000r but after hearing the horror stories im quite frankly afriad to buy one.

Your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Cheers guys.
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The missus had a mille r as a track bike, it was a good reliable bike except for when the clutch started to give out,
I also had a couple of mates with mille's that had no end of trouble with them, spares hard to get hold of, expensive as well,
The tlr ain't perfect but it will bring a grin to your face. I would say that once sorted it will give the mille's a run for their money, Go for it if you can find a good one, or better still by an "s". You'll keep it forever, :lol.
Welcome to the site sir, have a good browse around for info on things that you need to look out for,
Welcome, ive had my S since 09, had one summer on my R, for me its my S hands down, more fun to ride and lively.
Thanks lads, I really appreciate your replies. Ive plenty of time to search for a clean one. But im researching them as much as I can while I wait.

Some great lads on here
that have advised me very well.

Welcome aboard!

Been riding R's since 1999, something about the big 'ol twin that I like. Ain't the fasted thing in the world but more smiles then most!

Not as easy to find low mileage ones as it used to be, but as I was told, just wait until the right one comes along. :thumbup
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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