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New lower radiator

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Guess I've picked up a stone or something. Anyway my lower radiator is steaming better than a fresh laid cow pat.

Just spoke to the nice people at Delkevic and guess what; the lower radiator section is discontinued and there's no stock left.

So, what do we think about something like this?

Anyone dipped their toe into Chinese waters where radiators are concerned? For £85 I figure how bad can it be? Suzuki want over £500 for one which may be a clue.
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I say Delkevic is worth a shot - especially since you may pick up another stone next week. :banghead You never know....

Plus, if all goes well, or not, you can give us a "performance report." :)
As I say, Delkevic have discontinued the lower cooler and there's no stock left on the shelves.

I'm going to buy the Chinese option. As long as its watertight it will be an improvement over what I've got. I'll report back on what its like.
At first glance from the photo the materials quality doesn't strike me as spectacular but we'll see.
As I say, Delkevic have discontinued the lower cooler and there's no stock left on the shelves.

:doh My reading comprehension always has been a bit weak..... :laugh
If it's not a big hole you might try fixing it with a bit of JB Weld, or whatever epoxy you have over there that's similar. :thumbup
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You should also think about going the "fix" option: I had a few rads refurbished for $20-40 a pop. They usually come back all painted looking like new... :O

Or what about used? I think I have a spare lower...
Thanks for the offer. £85 delivered is what I'm paying which I'm guessing is pretty close to one of your refurbs plus shipping. It will be useful to know how it turns out.
I might try a Chinese oil cooler for my bandit12. if no luck, I have both rads off my R im breaking.
Just looking around and repairs here are £75 upwards. The old one is pretty furred up anyway so it will probably run to rather more than that.

Chinese rad all the way.
Brand new delivered £81.50 :laugh

Its not been used its just in case.
My TL 1000s is a long term bike

This is an SV 1000s radiator
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So thats how they're supposed to look:) My fins are all bent to buggery lol

One more season and then I'm changing them both(if they don't give up first)

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Mixed feelings about this. Just got this from my prospective radiator vendor.

"I am sorry as I have got the notice that the one you bought is out of stock and we were supposed to get the radiator from our factory on the end of Decemeber, but when we get the supply we found that they are not in good condition, so we refused to accept them and we decesided not to send to customers and sorry for this inconveneinent and we will refund for you in full, will that be ok for you? or do you need anything else in our store? and thanks!"

On the one hand it sucks because I'm still with out the radiator but I'm happy that they didn't just ship me out a substandard product. Nice to see there's still some integrity left out there.
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Get your money back and go Delkevic . I've had one in Q2 for the last past 3 seasons (20+ K US miles) and haven't had any issues with it. The only thing is the cap doesn't clear the TLR's RAM Air Duct. Fix was to use the OEM cap.

Delkevic have stopped making the lower rad and there's no stock left. Maybe a group email might tempt them to do another run.

Just comparing:

I couldn't help but get the impression there's more than a passing similarity to some of this. Now they may be unrelated. Asi may be copying AS3. AS3 may just be ASi pretending not to be Chinese.
I could ask I suppose.

Or I could pay Suzuki 500 quid for a real one. :coocoo

Sometimes I hate internet shopping.
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They (the Chinese vendor) claim (in inexact English):

Full set in box and 100% brand new.
• Full Aluminum High Performance, 30% more Extra Flow.
• Super capacity than your stock cooling, great performance upgrade

What exactly does that really mean??? Is it really any better than stock? Are there more rows, more tubes, any real improvement? A cursory glance looks similar to stock...
Spoke to AS3 this morning. They say they get their rads from the US so will probably go with them. Its double the price of the Chinese stuff but they sounded a bit more confident about the product quality.

A quick search on the US eBay gives several USED options for under 30 pounds sterling and a Chinese "new" option for under 50 with free shipping ( ). I am not familiar with UK import VAT, but I have to imagine it provides at least another option. A lot of times you can simply add the item to your UK watchlist and then buy a US based eBay item through especially since he indicates he ships to Europe. I just bought a full stainless set of bolts for my S this way. But getting things in the US from China / the rest of the world is quite simple. I have received hundreds of things and only once had to go to the post for customs to check me out. Still didn't have to pay a penny to get it. On the US based eBay the seller was charging outrageous shipping for the bolts. I simply bought the UK item through the US eBay site and the US shipping was WAY WAY cheaper (shipping on the US eBay was quoted as higher than the price of the item...). I may be a cheapskate, but hey, someone's got to keep the sellers on their toes, right!?


I could always write "Happy Birthday Snowy" in large letters on the parcel and declare on the customs form it was a gift for my best bud Snowy...
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I've looked at some of the used items and most of them should say "well used". Its a confidence thing really. I don't doubt some are good and would make perfectly serviceable replacements for the clagged up ruin that's currently on my bike. Its just that, where radiators are concerned there's just a bit too much risk. If I buy new then I should have some kind of come-back if there's a problem. Import duties wouldn't be a major concern. However posting will add a chunk to the price and if we get into having to do returns then it gets silly very quickly.

The new Chinese stuff you get there is the same as we get here and it ends up costing about the same. There's probably two factories over there that actually make it and it all goes through Alibaba anyway.

Its all in my head really but I regard 2nd hand rads a bit like 2nd hand crash helmets. I'd want to inspect first hand before I bought a used one. Irrational I know but it is what it is.

I'm just deciding on whether to take a punt on a cheapo Chinese option for $75 or go for the AS3 item (which may ultimately be a resold version of the same thing). Both are offering a decent returns policy so at worst it just costs me some time if the first option doesn't work out.

Which ever one I go for I'll do a write up.

The fact that ASi behaved well does lend a little confidence to buying Chinese. Plus if they feed back to the manufacturers that the stuff being produced isn't up to spec then it ought to improve. They are nothing if not pragmatic.
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Ok so it arrived today. 75 quid delivered. At first inspection it looks ok. I'll find out in a couple of hours if its watertight.


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