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So I got a nearly-new 2002 engine with 7700+ miles, and '97 heads from N2Wheelies which I'm going to just clean up a bit, and new high-compression Wiseco pistons, pins, rings for stock bore.

So should I hone the cyls to help the new piston rings break in easier?

I need advice on cams, with the 12:1 pistons I'd be a fool not to throw in some cams. Any clue where I should look for good used high-perf cams?? They're so darn expensive. Anybody got some on a shelf looking for a good home?

Is it worth considering that trick of using the stock TLS intake cam as the exhaust cam on my TLR? Is the stock exhaust cam conservative for emissions reasons, is there much to be gained from just changing the exhaust cams? With the high-compression pistons am I pretty much obligated to getting wilder cams?

I'm really interested in advice about Stainless Valves like Ferrea.

There's a slim chance the old engine has goodies in it too, seller claimed J&E big-bore & aftermarket rods...won't know 'till I disassemble it & look inside, it felt strong but didn't have nearly the hit of my old '97 TLS.
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