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need 99-02 tl1000 exhaust peice

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hi guys, i got a yoshi rs3 from a buddies 01 tl1000 parts bike...came off a wrecked bike and plan on making it work on my sv650

but my sv doesnt have the flange where the yoshi bolts to...

i reeaaaally hope someone has one cut off laying around or has a junk pipe willing to cut it off..just enough to slip it over my existing exhaust(extra dont hurt)

i did find the ones in britain..but those are 70 bucks shipped to my door...hoping to find a cheaper one first

heres a pic of what i need circled in red..

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"The Ring-In" would be good member to ask about that flange.
I've got something in mind for mod-ing my TL exhausts which would involve chopping the flanges off the pipes. I'll know later this month hopefully if I'm going ahead with the plan (budgetary considerations thank you very much Mr Taxman). If you can wait a little while I would be happy to ship you the leftovers.
well ive found a flange in AUS...but i dont know how to get stuff shipped overseas if you guys even wanna mess with it
I think I have some of those bolt-on to slip on flanges.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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