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Just about had it with my 2000 TLR. After performing motor swap, I've had this In-n-out problem with the rear coil not firing. check my other threads to find out more... yesterday, was runnin it home from work when finally rear coil cuts out completely and i'm runnin on one cylinder all the way home. this is basically my number one commuter ride and i need something more dependable. i'm lookin to trade for a GSX-R 750, 99 and Up, if possible or something similar (any jap bike 600 and up from 99 and on will be considered). just need something that's runnin reliably.

Here's all the goodies i got up for grabs - and any of you who can chime in on what it might all be worth, please let me know.

2000 Suzuki TL1000R, white/blue with a polished frame and swingarm, only mods are Yosh RS-3 carbon fiber bolt-ons:
1. swapped motor in bike has a claimed "less than 10K miles on it".
2. all fairings in tact with some rash on the front fairing and the battery door is rashed.
3. clean title - crystal clean.

extras (this is all ON TOP of the complete 2000 TLR):

1. previously seized original motor (complete with throttle bodies, battery door, etc.)
2. excellent condition Frame and Swingarm (this came with the motor i bought for the swap) with race inserts in the neck and swingarm
3. extra race wire harness (from motor i bought for swap)
4. extra ECU
5. extra radiators top and bottom (top radiator was damaged by previous owner - track bike guy - but it was repaired by a professional radiator shop. i've never used them, but he says they work just fine)
6. Extra left side fairing with minor scrapes (dealer accidentally laid it down when in for a service - dayam sidestands make the bike lean too low for most...)

again, problem with the bike is rear coil is not firing. i've tried different coils. i've replaced plugs and wires. different ecu's. tried plus/minus mod. only thing i haven't done, which i will do this weekend, is swap out the entire harness with the race one the guy who sold me the swap motor for gave me. if i can't get it to work after doing that then this deal is definitely a go.

i can probably make more cheddar by parting out the bike and selling everything individually. i just want to ride. and i NEED a good bike to commute with too. i have four kids and a wife, engineer by day, no time to work on bike to figure out this problem. no cash to gamble on a shittty shop to tell me what i already know. to those who helped me try to perform the swap - thanks, but i couldn't get that pesky C25 code to disappear and it's been over 4 months now.

PM me if you're interested and you have a bike to trade. I'm in Fresno, CA, so anybody nearby who wants to come see, PM me.
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