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My Gulf TLR at Oregon Raceway Park

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Here are a few gopro vids of our trackdays at Oregon Raceway Park in Grassvalley Oregon. This was a 2Fast trackdays event. I am Just learning how to edit , but you get a good look at the circuit.

Enjoy, Gordo.
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I took a short look at it (sitting at work). Nice video quality..

From a riding perspective, your buddy (the really wide-ass looking Duc) should practice his seating position when leant over. He only hangs off with his butt, but his entire upper torso (which is what really matters for cornerspeed) is centered on the bike.
In other words, his seating position makes it easy to drag knees, but does nothing good for cornerspeed. The bike should lean a lot less if he moves the upper torso into the corner.
Thanks for the reply on the vid, this really was the first time out with the Gopros.
As to my buddy's riding... Yes we all know (head where mirror was ) the propper possition, but to be fair many of the shots you really don't see the traffic in front that is effecting corner speed more than the lack of body lean. We were in the relaxed group and on this time out, they were very relaxed (slow).
Near the end of the second day we moved up a group and found it much easier to maintain pace, and got better at our cornering speeds and body possition. Just no footage on those laps.

Thanks again for the comments and the advice, Gordo.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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