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MY BIKE ! rolling again

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Well its been a loooong time for me so here she is, was standard at first with only art cans on, but here she is now completely dressed in carbon including tank
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What's she's like now
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Sorry not my cup of tea!

but it looks like you have put a lot of time effort and money into it :thumbup

Is that paint on the frame or powder?
That's powder . I'm sure not to everyone's taste but I like it :thumbup
Thats all that matters at the end of the day ;)

I must say though carbon doesnt photograph very well and looks different in the flesh

and the more I look at it the more its growing on me :laugh
It has that effect on you dude, the more I look at it the more I like it, and yes the pics don't do it justice. Lovely in the flesh.
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Wow! That's a lot of carbon!

Great to see it built up Andy, is it ready to ride? good work all.:thumbup
Fook me it's out of the boxes... It's looks stunning hoots.
Think you need to get to work on your Sig now though ;-)
It really looks good, I don't suppose you took the time to measure the weight difference?

One of Vans rear brake reservoirs would really look good too.
The res is something else I'd like but we will have to see lol
Its got a carbon airbox and tubes too :laugh
Oh and them exhausts are bloody loud too
Great to see it built up Andy, is it ready to ride? good work all.:thumbup
No it needs a few bits doing. The rr needs relocating as it don't fit anywhere now lol, exhaust hangers need making, clip ons, grips and levers yet to go on.
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right here goes.........
Pvm calipers and discs, ebc HH sintered pads. braided hel brake lines. pazzo copy levers. ebc uprated clutch kit. double buble carbon screen. d3 copy grips. hrc clip ons. re-worked front forks. gilles rear sets. bitubo rear shock. powder coated wheels, swing arm, frame. ducati 1198 carbon fibre tail. ducati integrated smoked rear lamp. duc rear subframe. carbon fibre full fairing kit. Carbon fibre chain guard. Carbon racing air box and carbon ram air tubes.16 tooth front sprocket 42 rear. projector lights. sv1000 coils. plus mod. piper cross filter. matthehat tre. Carbon mirrors. Ohlins steering damper. Vans top triple. Carbon fibre tank. Modified headers with carbon scorpion tagma cans. Carbon clock surround

Think that's it lol, I keep thinking of things as I look
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