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Motogymkhana taster.

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I attended a motogymkhana taster session this morning. Bloody brilliant fun. We used their 50cc twist'n'throw scooters (literally).

I improved my time from 2m.09 to 1m.27 just by following the correct route....

I was the fastest in our group and now have a T shirt to prove it.


Now need to put the Navigator on a winter diet and add a few bits of crash protection.
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Sounds like fun.. were was this? Would love to have a go.. used to love prating on my bandit
Funny you should mention this, a few weeks ago I did a six hour endurance on a Honda MT50 from the early 80's with Honda C90 engine grafted into it, 4 riders in our team doing 1/2 hour stints, had so much fun barely going over 45 miles an hour.
No pressure and being on one of the fastest out of all the other mopeds made for a superb days racing,

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It was held at Dearn Fire Station between Rotherham and Barnsley.

Run by these guys
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