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More, give me more, more, more!

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Switches, more of them!
I'm adding some electrical gizmo bits to the TL this winter. USB phone charger, Satnav connector, Dealer mode switch (so I don't have to access the rear), Manual fan switch, and then some.
Anyone built a switch panel?
I can't really figure out a good place to mount one and don't really want to drill holes and end up with the infil panel looking like pinhead from hellraiser!
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I don't recall exactly where I saw it, but an ingenious chap built a shelf that mounted inside the front fairing held on by longer windscreen bolts. He did a good job of camouflaging the wiring and it looked pretty dang nice and appeared to be totally reversible.
Excellent idea. I'm making my screen black so hiding the wiring from the screen side shouldn't be too hard, just got to work the clock side out.

I'm also sure I saw a set mounted below the clocks/dials, on the headlamp bracket, can't find it though...
Build you a remote panel that you can stuff in the cubby. The only switch you need while riding is the fan switch. Build a small frame as small as possible. Leave plenty of wire so it can be moved as necessary. You could even incorporate your navy in the switch panel. When you need it, open the cubby, pull it out, stretch it out to the front with the wires hid under the seat and tank and have it sit above the fearing support frame or clipped to the wind screen or mounted to the triple tree. Just a though. That way it only clutters up the dash when u need it.
You could even incorporate a quick disconnect so you don't have to deal with wires everytime. When u don't need it, disconnect and put away. You could even incorporate the fan switch and another switch in the bar ends. A tiny a/b switch would work there and the bonus is, no wires to hide. They will be in the bars.
Not using it for it original intended use: a buddy from TLP made me this switch holder but I used it for more display:

PS: I hate switches. You have to remember turning on/off. Everything is automatic on my turd. :devious
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This was where I had my USB switch but had to rethink it:

This is where my USB outlet was, but need to re-think it:

This is where my phone bracket is and it's staying there. I'm looking for a way to put a wireless QI charger onto it:

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Brainless, that is superb (I've got one of those little Voltmeters to fit too!).

Felipe, I've got a load of waterproof multi-connectors to make a quick disconnect panel. But I'm going to need the Dealer-switch and Fan switch. On more than one occasion the bike's thrown a FI code and it's absolutely infuriating having to take the key out the ignition open the rear seat, put into dealer mode then start the bike and wait to see if it throws a code again. Had a fault on the tip-over sensor that took me weeks to find because the bike would run fine for days then randomly throw a code, but of course we all know codes are cleared as soon as the ignition is switched off so opening the rear hump to access the dealer plug and code's been wiped.

I've got a 12v accessory socket next to the ignition switch, which has been great for years but It'll be going once I get the USB socket fitted. Think I will go for around the clocks/screen rather than the tripples as there's less movement and don't have to worry about interferance with the handle bars.
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I can respect that. I was trying to think outside the box, or inside the cubby hole as the case may be. Lol
I'm sure you'll make it nice and pretty as well as convient. I just don't like a lot of crap on my dash. I like that clean, sleek look. I still like the bar end switch idea. Ijs
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