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Mileage correction

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Anyone had it done in the UK or know anyone that deals with bikes?

And no I'm not been dodgy and clocking my bike :laugh

My bike is an import so has KPH clocks but has had a converter on from new (have the receipt and its logged in the service book)

The problem is its bloody hard to see the speed you are actually doing on the KPH clocks as the numbers aren't spaced too well

I have just got a set of UK clocks and want them to show the same mileage the UK ones are showing just over 7000 miles whereas mine on the bike are closer to 37000

I have found a local guy that is willing to have a go but on his list it doesn't list the TL but lists the SV im a bit reluctant as I don't want shafted clocks

So anyone know anyone :O
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If you can handle a pencil tip soldering iron to temporarily solder 7 thin wires to the gauge cluster PCB, then you could easily do it yourself. All you need is an EEPROM flasher that is available for less than USD 12,- a PC and the soldering iron of course. I could walk you through the procedure then.

hmmmm I may ask my mate if he fancies this job as he can solder down to component level

me lol I have no chance I would screw it up I recon!!
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