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The site feels very "corporate" after the new ownership group took over... and I don't like it.


The description of the site on the main page:

"Open to TL1000R (TLR), TL1000S (TLS), SV650, SV1000, and all other TL models!"

The SV isn't a TL model... (hint: it is a model called the SV) and all other TL models?? There are none... S and R. That's it... I should know I have both... No one that actually knows anything about these bikes would have ever written that sentence...

And another thing:

Top Contributors this Month

Asphalt & Rubber 57 Replies

Six5 23 Replies

I have literally only blocked ONE user and that is the garbage "Asphalt & Rubber" posts. No offense, but they are not "contributing" to the site at all...

However, the second contributor is listed as Six5. A user that contributes more to this site than anyone. He could care less about recognition, but I can tell you that Asphalt & Rubber are simply not contributing anything to the site at all, but simply spamming it.

There are damn ads on my user profile page. I mean come on, have some decency.

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We've gone ahead and updated the site description to reflect your suggestions. Appreciate the feedback!

A forum community dedicated to Suzuki TL sport bike owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, racing, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Open to all TL1000R (TLR), and TL1000S (TLS) owners.
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