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Magnets stuck in brake disc bolts

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Ok.... swapping my TL forks for Busa (radial). came to putting the spacer behind each disc, one was easy as expected, but the other has magnets pushed in the bolt heads for the aftermarket speedo pickup. Nothing to grab hold of to pull them out. Dont seem to move when I try to prise them.

Any Ideas apart from drill them out ?
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You could also try superglue-ing a small dia bolt to the magnets to give you some purchase. If the magnets are glued in then success or failure will depend on which adhesive is the stronger.

You most likely will end up drilling though.
Thanks for the suggestions...all good ones. I tried using a big lump of mild steel first to see if the magnets were attracted to that more than the worked ! pulled them out with ease. cheers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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