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Well, I got a 2002 engine with 7,700 miles for 480.00
'97 heads and cylinders and pistons for 180.00
Wiseco pistons, pins, rings, clips for 285.00
total 945.00
And of course there's an engine in my bike now, and I'll have extra heads and cylinders and pistons
WHen I'm done, if I'm lucky I'm going to try to sell:
engine 600.00
2002 like-new heads 200.00
1997 cylinders and pistons 200.00
total 1000.00
So if I'm really lucky I'm going to upgrade my engine and get paid 55.00 for my labor. Reality is that I need cams and would like some crank work, so LOL the idea of any profit is just a ridiculous pipedream.

Just kicking myself for not sniping those veetwo cams with the adjustable sprockets when they went up on auction, with these Wiseco 12:1 pistons I want better cams. I need to take apart my old engine and see what's inside, find out whether it has ANY of the goodies the seller claimed. He said it had a +2 bore/JE pistons and Carillo rods, but nothing else he said turned out to be true. And that engine's cases have no numbers, which really pissed me off. So I need to yank that mill and see what I've got to work with. If I can't sell a mill w/o numbers I'll part it out, should still recover OK.

Anybody got some good performance cams you can part with?

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