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low mileage, pristine used gold/black '06 Busa forks

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Just dug up a set of pristine, low mileage (208 miles)....'06 Hayabusa forks from a supplier. These have the gold uppers, gold Titanium Nitride stanchions, and These forks were removed from a running Busa in order to build a drag bike.

I'll post up photos when I get a chance to take them.... But they look just like these:

$375 + shipping and 3.5% for PayPal/CC fees.

PM for shipping quote.

These forks are a direct replacement for all years of the TLR and TLS. They bolt directly in with only a minor mod to the fender mount on the lowers to accept the TL fender mounts.


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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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