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link needed

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who can remember back a couple of years to a 4WD buggy build here

I'm pretty sure it used a TL engine.

post a link if you can
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Use the search button, noob
Use the search button, noob
Search button - 404 Not Found

snowblind gets the medal

thanks mate.

I did use the search button but its knowing the criteria that gets the result.

As it turned out it wasn't hosted here just must have been a link on someone elses thread and that was never going to show up for me.
Oh crap. That means I'm thinking like google now. Time to end it all.........
heres the challenge.

there are a number of micro cars still inexistence and I have a friend with a goggomobile ( dart and sedan! ) G O .....GG ...O.................( aussie joke!)

the idea being to utilise components from a diff from a very small car and adapt them with maybe a machined case to provide a unit with inboard disks and suitable to connect to a bike engine.

the citroen diffs in this thread were from memory suitable but maybe not.

I also think perhaps alfasud components.

then maybe quad bike ...

nothing is ideal but the parts may be suitable for integration in to something bespoke for the job

any ideas are welcome and links to pics or examples would be great.
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Buy one of these...

and put the tiller motor in it. :devil

There's a few things like this around. You can buy a SMART 4-4 and there's a firm who will put a 'busa engine in it. The top end is the Ariel Atom V8 which is just mad.

What's the end result going to do? Is it just for shopping in the rain or do you want a dune racer? Or are you doing something like a Messerschmitt KR200?
I restored a messerschmitt 200 kabrio in the mid 80's . ( every last nut and bolt :banghead.)

no the idea is to have a manageable powerplant and acceptable brakes!

A busa has certain appeal but would be just as difficult to drive as the overstretched rubber band presently employed!

micro cars are a lot of fun but equally very hard work to drive in the modern world.

My own idea is to have a diff setup pointing backwards with inboard disks . a coupling could then link the output from a bike engine mounted at right angles to the centreline of the car. this would make for a very flexible platform with almost any motor being suitable.

An electric reverse could be utilised as per the bike powered race cars.

the coupling could be as simple as a sprocket on the dif butting the sprocket on the engine and coupled with a double row chain.

this would allow a certain amount of misalignment without distressing either unit.

but first we need to source a donor/ s of suitable components
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So "micro cars" are what we call bubble cars; right? Things like the Messerschmitt?
bubble cars are micro cars

not all micro cars are bubble cars.

the izetta is the true bubble car.

the KR200 with a bubble top is too

the one I did was a cabrio ( rag top )

you get the idea.
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