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Leaking Tank Gasket AGAIN!

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So... I had a leaky gas tank gasket at the start of last season, well.. I had it replaced with a new one, and when I was putting my bike in storage I noticed it was leaking again. :banghead FML! Is this normal to have these damned things fail in less than a year of riding??


Ps- Where is the best place to get a replacement?
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There are a bunch of threads on this one. The one thing I don't see members doing is running a tap thru the holes to clean out any of the loctite that is in there (loctite could affect the actual torque readings). Another point of failuire would be that to start the torques sequence, that #1 bolt is tightened all the way to 3 ftlbs right away rather than snugging up all the bolts and progressively working to 3 while going thru the the torque sequence multiple times. One other point of interest, it would seem that these gaskets are sensitive to thermal expansion (my theory), simply put when its hot the gasket expands when its cold gasket gets smaller, this can have an affect on the torque/clamping force on the gasket. Suggestion, when its about 45-50 degrees out, recheck the torque on all the bolts as it sits going thru the sequence (they probably won't move due to the loctite), or redo when its a bit colder out.
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There is a huge thread on this subject - search it out, it has a lot of useful info. Some people weren't getting 3 months out of a new gasket:O. One guy sid it had something to do with where the gasket seals to the tank lip - he straightend his somehow and had no more troubles, as did a few others IIRC.

I have a '97 with the old 2 part gasket - when mine leaked the was a 6 week wait for new gaskets in NZ:confused; I ended up re-using the old one with Hylomar Blue gasket compound. This was over a year ago, and she hasn't leaked a drop since.

Also make sure you have the 2 rubbers that the tank sits on - these can get lost, and without them the tank will get lateral pressure on it, making it prone to leakage.
I think they are very sensitive to temperture especially if they are older. Mine just started leaking after a couple very cold nights.
I used some "Seal-All" stuff that I got from Autozone for like $5. It was in a bright red and yellow tube/box and worked like a champ.
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