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Kendon folding / standup trailer

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I just bought a used Kendon trailer. These are VERY popular open trailers here in the US. It has two rails, and the aluminum diamond-tread plate deck, so it has nice places to put your feet. The tail portion beyond the wheels folds up, so that you can lift it on its tail to stand it up in your garage, in which position it has little caster wheels to roll it around on.

But DAMN this thing is aabout twice as heavy as I'd expected! It's built to take to full-dress Harleys, but damn I wish the frame was aluminum.

It doesn't have the new fancy features (like some that lay the bed and rails flat down on the ground so there's no ramp needed) but I figured the most important thing was that it takes little space while stored. I didn't want a trailer that you have to leave outside rusting.

It also sure wasn't cheap. I found it on craigslist, but he also had it on eBay, where it got bid up. I used bidnip to set a snipe and snagged it 7 seconds before the end. Paid $1650. It's in good shape. Now I have to connect the taillight integrator and plug.

And it sure makes a LOT of really loud rattly noises as it bounces down the road empty.

I hope to pull it and two TLs with a modest hitch on the Honda Civic coast to coast from Long Beach CA to Vienna, VA in late March.
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I was hoping I wouldn't need any dolly to move this trailer around, but my back is not in shape for lifting this tongue myself and wheeling it around. When the tail is folded It feels a bit lighter if I hold the tongue really high so more weight is on the wheels. Maybe it's better when the tail is unfolded, balancing the weight on the wheels better. But damn I'm disappointed it's so heavy.
Well if you want to fly me over to Long Beach I can help you with the lifting. :devious
I'm more concerned about towing so much weight. I guess it's meant to move Harleys that weigh twice as much as a TL. But my car is a little Honda Civic with a bolt-on class-1 hitch rated to pull 2000 pounds with 200 pounds tongue weight. Guessing two TLs are 1000 pounds and the trailer is 400, that's still under the limit. But the Kendon is really meant to be attached via a class 2 hitch with a 3500 pound rating. I also wish the car had coil-over shocks in the back.
Is anyone else towing with a sub-compact?
I think you'll be ok as long as you don't have a similar set-up :laugh

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Hey mate any chance you could post up a pic of your trailer?

This is my wall trailer.
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Man, that's nice in aluminum! What brand is that?

Mine will carry a LOT of weight, but is all steel and much heavier than I expected.
Actually its steel. :)

Rated to carry 750kg but will carry more.
I have :;)
Nice but I like the fact that the WALL TRAILER folds up the wheels.
€1800 new ouch :)
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