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Sold the Tls Streetfighter long ago went back to dirt bikes due to practicality of my location

Had a work accident broke my back & after spinal surgery & replacement parts had some rehab time was very limited on my feel for good 2 & 1/2 yrs no bike riding
So when was able get up get around for at least 1/2 day i bought another bike to kill the boredom started modding

Started life as a new 2018 1290 Super Duke R
took delivery of it & next day i stripped it , gotta love that mod illness :laugh

Bike at Kessner KTM waiting be loaded after a week of purchase it's ready for delivery after i had them
paint the tank from white to orange & tank fairings from white to black
Upload the track pack & Performance pack software
powerparts pillion seat cowl

night was delivered in my shed

next day with 2km on the clock


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kitted up ready for 3 day desert ride

Rest of the stable

KTM 950 Super Enduro

KTM 690RFR (450RR rally body work) usually has the roadbook & Ico rally max G nav gear


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2018 KTM 1290 Super Duke R
2018 KTM 1290 Super Adventure Parts
2016 KTM 1190 Adventure R Parts
Bucket Load Aftermarket Goodies
Some One Off Custom Work
Custom Wiring

SDR Motohooligan with the 2 x rottweiler TVS-80's
OFT GEN2 Stage 3 Tune
Austin racing Ti Headers
RP Tuning Special Silencer
ABS bypassed - No ABS/TCS BS
690R - 1290SAR ABS Bad Fuel Dongle to switch off ABS permanently
All the KTM Powerparts software uploaded

Some tech Info

Rake: OEM STOCK (No Mods)

950 SE - 64.4 deg

1190ADV / 1290SAR - 64 deg

1290 SDR - 65.1 deg

1.1 deg difference with the 1290SAR to the 1290SDR

(slight rake out will give better high speed stability EG: drag bikes)


Wheelbase: OEM STOCK (No Mods)

950 SE - 1577*10mm / 62in

1190ADV / 1290SAR - 1580*15mm / 62.2*0.59in

1290 SDR - 1482mm / 58.3in

1290 SER - 1600mm / 62.99in (Modded)


Weight: OEM STOCK (No Mods)

950 SE - 190Kg / 419.4Lb

1290 SAR - 229.3Kg / 505.5Lb

1290 SDR - 203Kg / 448Lb (13Kg heavier to the 950SE)

1290 SER - 220Kg (Modded) could shave 10Kg from the kineo wheels too Excel A60/Talon wheels , good 10kg maybe more from the BD lights & then to remove more weight it be Ti bolts & Carbon fiber

The List

2017 GEN 2 White

Custom painted tank (Orange)
Custom painted fairings (black)
Nine Two Decals custom decal kit
Austin Racing Headers
RC Tuning Decat Mid
RC Tuning Special Silencer
Motohooligan Intake
2 x 80MM Rottweiler TVS (for the ano black ,motohoolican are polished 80's)
Rottweiler sas removal kit
OFT stage 3 tune
Custom HEL Performance brake lines
ABS pump plugged & bypassed (NO ABS CRAP)
Power Parts ABS/Bad fuel dongle
Oberon clutch slave
16/45 gearing
Galfer brake discs front
Galfer rear brake disc
46 slot ABS rings (suit tire profiie)
HEL Performance clutch hose
K&N external crankcase breather
1290 SAR top & bottom triple tree
Needle roller steering bearings
BRP rubber sub mount
Scotts steering damper
Home made damper post bracket
re located keyless ignition
Tusk high fender kit
Cycra cycralight front fender
yoshimura tail tidy
Power Parts race tail
DRC rally dust / brake light
Rizoma Rear Brake Reservoir
Rizoma Front Brake Reservoir
Rizoma Clutch Reservoir
25mm bar raisers
ABS rear sensor guard
back swept bar 10mm raisers
Neken MX KTM bars
G2 E Gas billet throttle tube
ProGrip 714 rally grips
Rottweiler carbon fiber tank cover
Kineo custom Tubless billet Wheels KTM 1190 R
Motoz tractionator Desert HT 150/70 x 18
Cheng Chin C755 HT 3.25/3.50 x 21
FOX HILL bash plate & side stand relocator
SWMotech Crash bars
SWMotech Pannier racks (powdercoated white)
SWMotech Rear Brake master cyl protector
Billet Clutch Cover for KTM Adventure 1050/1190/1290 - PowerCell Logo
PowerCell KTM Adjustable Rally Peg Mounts, 1050-1290
Barnett Performance Clutch Kit, KTM 1050-1290
PowerCell Billet Fuel Cap KTM Adv 1050-1290
Shock Bolt Kit Grade 12.9 for KTM Adventure 1050-1290
TwinAir Fuel Pre-Filter for PowerCell Fuel Cap Adaptor
MotionPro Micro Bleeders fit KTM and Öhlins Forks
KTM Adventure Fuel Pump Easy Connect Kit
Öhlins TTX KTM 1190R Long Travel Front & Rear Suspension
KTM 1190 R swing arm
KTM 1190 R rear axle
KTM 1190 R pivot axle
SWMotech Reg/Rectifier Guard
1190 R side stand extended
Cammel Toe side stand sand foot
Touratech 1190 frame guard kit
Pivot pegs MK2
Custom lighting wiring (secret)
CJDesigns Pivot peg extensions
Baja Desighn XL80 with KTM 2017 light fairing
Baja Designs Duel LP9's & Duel S2's (optional for night riding)
TT Voyager Pro & Billet Guard
Billet Levers adjustable length levers
GB stator case cover
Samco hoses & clips
Side stand switch bypassed
Cycra Hand guards
Cleen Speed Engineering Brake pedel
Cleen Speed Engineering stepped Brake Pedel tip
Hammerhead shift lever & +10 knurled tip
M Blaze bullet LED indicators
Scotts stainless oil filters
Billet oil filler plug
Billet oil drain plug
Billet stator case plug
Titanium front caliper bolts
Doubletake Adventure Ram mirrors
Power Parts ERGO seat
Power Parts tank grip decal kit
Front axle pull
Rear axle pull
Lot one off custom hand made brackets
CJDesigns rear billet axle blocks (black)
Swing arm bobbins
Billet sprocket guard
Carbon Fiber tank slider guard
RadGuard radiator guard
Custom Braced Radiator
Blaster X integrated tail light (to be fitted once rear rack arrives)
Hepco & becker sports rack (on order)
Motobatt battery
Wolfman enduro tool bag
Wolfman front fender tool bag
Billet solid top bar clamp

More info on the Facebook page

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My favourite colour :drool:drool:drool Awesome 'bike, hope you heal well!!
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:thumbup I like it!
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Interesting and different choice.
Id seen it in ADB. Didnt pick it as you.

Wonder what ever happened to your TLS? That was one of the good ol originals

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Interesting and different choice.
Id seen it in ADB. Didnt pick it as you.

Wonder what ever happened to your TLS? That was one of the good ol originals

Yeh that's me in ADB Mag
I often think same with the TLs
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