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Is there supposed to be a keyed bend-over washer to lock the front sprocket bolt?

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On many of my bikes, on the front sprocket (trans output shaft) there have been flat thin washers that key to the shaft splines, and you're supposed to bend an edge over a flat of the hex nut as a retainer.

Is my TLS supposed to have one? If it is supposed to, it's missing...and that could also throw the sprocket alignment a teensie bit.

I'm changing chain I'd really like to know.

Oh, kick myself, I should just check the fiche I guess...but I'd like to know what you guys say too.
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Nope, I guess there isn't supposed to be one, not in fiche nor service manual. Torque nut, no locktite, then torque speed trigger, no locktite. I probably should use a new nut, can't wait for delivery & the old one looked OK.
I know the item you mean and no there isn't one on a TL. Seem to recall one on one of myold Kawasakis but that was a long time back.
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