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Improving the details.

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Been improving the details on the old S, getting there...... slowly :thumbup

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bloody hell that looks clean!

do you use it? :laugh
WOW!!!More pics please!!!
I like the cut of your jib m8. That's great work right there.


It's the kinda thing I drool over. See ... I even think tank bolts should have sex appeal. Sad twat that I am.:lol
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Looks outstanding......just teaser pics though, post up more please!
Do any of you pple ride?!?!?! That thing looks like it just got unwrapped from under a Christmas tree. :coocoo
I do around 500 miles a year but only when the sun shines, not to bad when you consider I am only in the UK for 3-4 months each year and have 4 other bikes in the garage.........
The TL does have the lowest mileage.... 6,700 since I picked it up from the dealers in 1999 :laugh
yeah with our weather here its hard to do any mileage...your doing well :laugh

for the past few years I have only been managing 1000 ish until this year i clocked up about 5k :laugh

but it was a good summer that!...I've been guilty of having a milder version of that detailing fetish...but yours is something else, looks classy
Ok, that is the shit, woo hoo! :doug

and this years OCD award goes to..............
A couple of full frontals......... still not finished ;)

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:hailYum,very nice mate,looks a treat.:drool
Great looking S, very clean and tasteful, not obviously over-modded
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