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Welcome Suthnrboy!

You will need to remove the top of the air box to get to the inside to unbolt the bottom half from the top of the throttle bodies. After that, a couple hoses and sensor connectors, and it should lift up.

The idle adjustment screw that mounts the left frame rail has likely disengaged from the linkage because someone backed it out too far. Once you have access to it, simply thread it into the linkage bracket, and put a little lube on the threads.

The idle adjust lever on the left bar is there for cold starts. When it is working and adjusted properly, it should increase the idle speed from 1200 RPM (set with the screw) to roughly 2500 RPM. It opens the butterflies slightly to allow more air to enter as the "cold map" injects a richer fuel mix until the coolant temp reaches 176F (80C).

After you get all of these basic adjustments figured out, you will still need to check/set the throttle body balance (aka Synchronize the TBs) and check/set the TPS. There is a good video on YouTube for these procedures which you may have already seen.

Let us know what you find.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts