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I need some help

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Hey guys, I recently attempted a valve adjustment on my bike. I also changed spark plugs while i was at it. now the bike will start, but not without some throttle to get it going, and it does idle very rough. I am also getting a backfire out of the left exhaust pipe which leads to the front cylinder. I have gone through and quadruple checked my cam timing and all four are correct, everything seems to be seated properly and valve clearances are now where they should be according to the manual. i went back and changed to my old spark plugs too just in case but it didn't make any difference.
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check the throttle position sensor (tps) and sync the throttle bodies

ignore which side the backfire is as the pipes are linked
what would cause that to go out of sync if it ran fine before i did the valve adjustment?
you could have easily knocked it while working on the bike or something

always worth a check ad its one of the main problems of rough running

its very easy to check the tps all you have to do is short the dealer mode plug out and check the dash
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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