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I just about threw my TV out the window today...

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Spoiler - don't read if you haven't watched the PI GP

Marc Marquez and Brian Staring blackflagged - what a cockup PI was this year; I'm just ****en speechless. If I say any more I'll be black flagged for threats of violence and extreme language:banghead

I havnt even whatched the end of the race yet, I was that pissed off I had to take a break, befor the TV and the dog suffered...:dowhat

And having Pedrosa drop a place for slowing on the wrong pit lane line:banghead why the **** have a wrong one and a right one so close together - I've always been a fan of PI, but today.....:jack

On a lighetr note, I loved Lorenzo's hitchiker during qualifying yesterday-didn't slow him down much:)
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your speechless

should have seen the face on mr japanese team manager.

I can understand your amazement but everyone else got it right........

and it wasn't like there wasn't enough pit board signals telling him how many laps to pit.
btw pedrosa got the spot back when the black flag came out .
It was exciting to watch for sure, they should have this for every race lol, but what a stuff up, and I mean Bridgestone not Marquez.
i reckon they should have run the full race with a bike change at ten.

then they change the wheels during the next ten and you

change back to the first one for the run to the flag.

extra points are awarded for the best dismount and the number of broken bones accumulated by the bike catcher
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For a group of guys who can learn a race track to competition speed in less than 30 laps ...........

and have the reflexes of a mongoose............

some of their ability to adapt to a new format is a disappointing insight into their resilience and adaptability.

someone moved my cheese would be a book they would never understand
Not read "someone moved my cheese" myself stu, what's it about :). I just checked and my cheese is still in the fridge.
MotoGP News

After today's race the Repsol Honda team were quick to announce they had already made modifications to MM's motorcycle.. The technicians have in the short time available amended the electronics to ensure today's fiasco is not repeated in the last rounds of the year with the battle with Lorenzo now much closer..
As usual our inside man gave us a sneak peek at this as yet secret modification..

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I think MotoGP should do this type of format at least a few times a year, it make the racing a little more interesting. They all have and know the rules, I put it on his pit board for not having a clear signal like Lorenzo, as for the speed line marker they need to have it further from the corner and not so close to each other. Honda got it wrong this weekend, Marquez had a mental break down, once he see Lorenzo entering the pits he should have follow him.
I was pretty heated when I wrote that - I just don't like races being won or lost in the pits - that's not what the GP format is about. Marquez has wridden balls-to-the-wall all year to get where he has, only to be knocked back because of ambiguous pit-board instructions, or is that Hondas excuse - some poor bugger'll lose his head over that, and it won't be Marc. And I think his sanction is too extreme, quite frankly it's @!#$%#@# I'll stop now (yeah right):laugh And I think Pedrosa was over-looked; if he had to give up a position Rossi should be promoted to 2nd. That would make all those hanging onto a broken dream happy - even though he only earned it by turning left and travelling at 60kph:lol

I was impressed at Marques when the cameras were on him after the race - he was actually smiling - I'da been running aroung looking for a cat to kick...:dowhat
Yeup, brilliant summation - me still thinks it sucks a big fat sweaty arse though - Marquez was let down by, well, everybody. Perhaps the tire manufacturers need some compitition again. I read the other day Bridgestone were celabrating their 200th (IIRC) MotoGP race win. :jack
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