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how much is a spray job

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Can any one help me how much is it to powdercoat my wheels !!
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Depends on the coater and colour, where I go its a £1 an inch for plain colours and more for candy colours. Sons bandit frame,swingarm, grab handles both wheels and brake torque arm in matt black was £150.
One pound an inch ? It early here but that makes a wheel VERY expensive . $1 a foot ???
prices I have seen vary from £80 - £120 for wheels
year mate but is that in Yorkshire im in London Surrey ? ideally i need somewhere around my area so i can take them there and pick them up?? so you'r saying its about £80 to £120 can you get me some contacts plz thanks
just google it for coaters in your area. Prices will vary slightly from firm to firm, Ideally you need to visit one to have a look at work they've already done to see how good or bad they are

One pound an inch
very reason able for a hand job :lol
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very reason able for a hand job :lol
Dammit ring, u beat me to it! Hell at a pound an inch that's a damn good deal Rotflmao. That's like $1.30 US. Wonder what it cost to get your main shaft lubed? Lol
My £1 an inch refers to a car wheel or bike wheel. so 17 inch wheel is £17. that's for basic black/ silver/gold/green etc. might have gone up over last couple of years but work it out. 2x 17 inch wheels + frame+swingarm+torque arm+ 2 grab handles, at £150 is a great deal and £1 an inch. Im taking my bandit frame, swingarm and front wheel in soon and expect change from £100.
Two years ago I a pair of wheels stripped and coated for £60. I thought that was OK. They were done just outside Sarrat about 30 miles outta the smoke.
Current update on the price for powder coating a wheel is £30.00 to £40.00 according to Sprayblast Engineering.
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