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How do I fit a fast idol cable on tlr?

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Hi everyone,

Can anyone advise how to install the fast idol cable on a tlr please?

Many thanks

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Air box off. Feed the idle cable through, following the path of the old one if it's there. Recommend a pair of long nosed pliers of forceps (preferably slightly curved).

If you look at the attached pic towards the rhs the end goes in the hole circled in yellow and feeds around the slot parallel to the red arrow. It anchors in the little fork on the right. If you turn the little widget all the way to the right (clockwise) it makes it slightly easier to get the end of the cable into place.

There will probably be a great deal of swearing during the process.
Hi Snow, to the rescue again and thank you very much.

Having trouble opening the link, seems blank?

Try it now. Here's a thumbnail version in case it still doesn't work.
Something wrong with google drive. Reloading didn't help.
Thank mate,

How big a job is it?
The tedious bit is getting the tank and air box off. It would probably be easier if you take the TBs out too but if you have the pliers or something its not essential.
What's up with the original or did the P/O not bother with it? Sometimes they get left disconnected.
For some reason it's missing but I have a box with all the bits.
Hi Snow,

Do you know how the fast idol cable fits on the handlebar? Hope that makes sense as I've got a box of bits

The cable routing is on page 8-22 of the manual. As far as hooking it up to the lever on the left bar it will be pretty obvious. Undo the screws to split the pod and get it off the bar. You'll see where the cable goes in and where the little lug latches into the lever.

Bike is in the shop right now getting the forks done so 'fraid I can't do you a picture.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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