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How do I clean the front plug recess?

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I found I've been riding in the mud and rain for a month or so with the rubber sealing bung out of the front plug recess, which has filled up with dirt, dust stones and crap. Before I change the plug I figure I should clean the recess so I dont drop shit in the cylinder:O

My plan is to pull the cap out but leave the plug in, clean the drain hole then blast the recess with a high pressure hose, dry with compressed air, squirt in a bit of WD40, then change the plug. And give the cap itself a good clean with WD40.

Anyone got any better ideas, or reasons not to do this??
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Just a thought.Do the above but before you remove the plug just undo it a few turns then hit it with compressed air again.Just to be sure that no dirt enters the cylinder.

and I do mean stupid

just kidding :lol
I know it seems like a no-brainer - but with all the accumulated knowledge here it doesn't hurt to ask - people come up with some pretty novel solutions to everyday situations. Again, thanks for the help:)
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