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hooti November '13 TLotM Winner!!!

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Congratulations and well done :hail

November '13 hooti
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Well done Andy and Sparkles, oh and Andys wife for letting him spend so much money, spread over 50 years to complete it,:lol
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Well done Hooti!
Thanks all that voted :thumbup
Congrats dude.. very nice looking bike!
Congratulations Andy .:thumbup
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Well done Hootles... Better late than never... And it won even with a pink frame? :lol

Another Sparky build gets TLotM... :doug
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Well done Andy,
Tl of the month for a bike that's not been ridden for 3 years. What's the zone coming too, :lol.
Well done mate .:thumbup
Yep well done matey, beautiful creation that is.
Its all down to sparky for the rebuild :hail
Just my ideas and his work :thumbup
Nice one Andy, worth the wait mate:hail
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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