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Hindle Exhaust for TLS

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Does anyone know if this is a "uncorked" pipe ? I cant find any info on it...

Pipe Bicycle handlebar

How much is it worth ?
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It is an ''uncorked system'' certainly when compared to the stock system but perhaps not as a finely tuned as a Akra, Yosh, or M4. A simpler / cruder design (50mm inside dia.), but quite light, lighter than a Yoshi system. The bend looks tight, but its oval cut which makes that area larger. Where the pipes join inline, the cross over port is also quite large so the pulses help pull the exhaust gases through. I have a brand new one for a spare system just in case....

Akra system 5.98 lbs. Hindle system 5.98 lbs. Yosh system 7.33 lbs. (weighed without springs and of course no cans)

The M4 system is on my bike now but from memory it was around 6 1/2 lbs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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