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high pressure fuel line coupler

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Anyone now where I can get some high pressure fuel line couplers.
There are some on eBay but they don’t say they can be used in a high pressure system.
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what is high pressure

TL pumps are 41psi
Well it is enough to spilt normal (low pressure) fuel line wide open as I found out before I fitted braided pipe.

Six5 thanks for the link but I don't really want to order them from the US as they take to long to be delivered, anyone know where I can get them from in the UK.
any hydraulic hose service shop will be able to supply what you want.

it may not be on their shelf but they will have listings
try RS Components in the uk. I've had a quick look too as I'm sure I could get them in the uk from a supplier here. I'll have a proper look tomorrow.
The self seal doesn't have to take 41psi as I'm guessing you aren't going to be pressurising the fuel line disconnected from the TB's?
just they have to be fuel proof and take 41psi when connected to each other.
I looked at the hydraulic fittings but was not sure if the seals would be ok with fuel.
Matt, you are right I only need them for ease of removing the fuel tank.
I've found some uk suppliers but they are asking - £25, ships in 7 days.
I couldn't find anything suitable really in RS. - sorry. :confused

Try also -

Although as the Ring-in says, it's only 41psi, you might even be able to use 'not for injection engine' connectors, some of the plastic ones from colders go up to 100psi. Not sure on the valve sealing material or on what the body would do in the presence of fuel. Quick email off to the technical guys might solve that though..... :devious

On a side note, does the pressurised side leak when you remove the hose? It's been so long since i did it on the TLR I can't remember. I know the return side does, stuff just runs out, and I hate it because those stupid spring clips are so awkward to undo.
Does anyone know what pressure the return line runs at? I'm wondering if you could get away just using low pressure quick connects for the return and that the pressurised side doesnt leak because it's got to be pumped?
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Thanks for the info matt, i looked at the tom parker website think ill drop them an email.

As for the pressure in the return i cant really help you there as im running a Ducati fuel pump not the TL. thinking about it that maybe why the pipe burst on me, i should look up what pressure that pump runs at.:O
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return essentially has zero pressure .

it only functions if the pump pressure exceeds the reg blow off.

and the pressure would be measured in centimetres of fuel.

not psi

the pressure being equal to the height of the remaining fuel in the tank.
Thanks Ring-In, it was as I expected then. Guess cm-fuel isn't an often used measurement, although I guess it'll be 0.9 x cm water...

Having looked for the pressure capacity of the bike-it quick releases I stumbled across These from Jiffy-Tite -via demon tweeks (again).
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