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Hid light kit, ideas on wiring ballest

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Im going to wire in a hid kit for my headlights but I have to wire a ballest in for each bulb, can anyone suggest a way of connecting up the ballests so they are only live when the ignition is on, I was going to run a live from the battery but this means they would be powered all the time and I don't want them to drain my battery
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Use a relay to power the ballasts?
they will run fine off the OE wiring and they draw less amps than the stock bulbs and they will work on the switch just like stock then
'Cept if he's over the pond he won't have a switch. :)
get yourself a UK switchblock. plug and play. Easy peasy and not a whole parcel of dollars.

Tom R
'Cept if he's over the pond he won't have a switch. :)

this is true but that doesnt matter they will still go out with the ignition switch

no need for relays and stuff they will run off the stock wiring :)
A well made HID kit will still use the OEM headlight circuitry to be on or off per OEM requirements. In other words, the relay Six5 speaks of will be included in it and the HID kit will behave exactly the way the OEM headlight did.

I personally would advise against HID kits of other reasons.

In addition to the ballasts the HID kit came with, there should be a box and a connecto to connect the kit to the OEM lamp.
Good luck fitting all the bits an pieces behind the head light , proper nightmare
Although HID's use less current once started, I think they take around 9amps to get them started. That's a big load for our wiring.

The 2 HID's I have fitted on my R (you didn't say R or S) came with a relay and a wire that goes directly to the battery to provide power. The bikes original harness is then only used to switch the new relay.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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