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hi everyone what other wheels will fit my tl1000r please

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hi everyone what other wheels will fit my tl1000r please as it looks like some of you have put aprilia rsv on i mite be wrong :)
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I've got gixer 1000 wheels on but there's always Dymag, Marchessini.....

I wonder how hard it would be to make Honda Comstar's fit? Maybe with some vintage square Avon Roadrunner tyres!

Only kidding. You can probably get almost anything to fit. Its just a question of doing the engineering. If you've done the GSX-R front end swap you probably have a few more options.
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TL1000S, TL1000R, 99-07 Hayabusa, 600 SRAD Front, 750 SRAD Front and Rear are about the only direct replacements

Everything else requires custom spacers and/or machining and when you combine that with all the various fork/disc options then you need to work it all out yourself :laugh
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The next-generation of Suzuki wheels with diamond cross section spokes instead of the round ones are lighter castings and a definite improvement. They were on SV1000, and I think some GSXR? The rear is a direct swap if you retain all TL spacers & cush drive / sprocket carrier and axle. The front uses a simple disc spacer I think.

The larger Hayabusa rear brake discs fit if you use the matchng Hayabusa caliper mount.

The cheapest good aftermarket with perfect fit are the forged aluminum Carrozzeria, the best are probably the Blackstone Tech carbon-fiber, in between are the PVM, Marchesini, Dymag, etc. in forged magnesium or forged aluminum or CF, Performance Machine spun aluminum, and RC.

Conversion of other bike brands stock wheels is your problem with Sam's chart, but there's some threads on converting R1 wheels and I think the same mfr wheels that Aprilia uses.

Good luck.
thanks everyone winter project soon be in progress :) Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motorcycle Motorcycle fairing
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