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Hi everyone,

I run a RSVR road bike, and a R6 trackbike.

So youre wondering why im on this forum. Well, I know this might seem a blatant plug, but I (and Russ (MV312 and ZX6)) started a trackday company this year called trackdayevents and wanted to offer your forum members 10% off our upcoming trackday at Cadwell park on the 25th July.

Ive read through some posts and can see that some of your members have been before, so thought it might be of some interest and worth posting.

We are not doing this for a living, but because we love bikes and we love trackdays. Our first track evening at Brands Hatch went down a storm, so thought we would try Cadwell Park.

Im sorry if posting here has offended anyone, just thought I would let you have the code and details and then you can either take up the offer or ignore it. No harm done.
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