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Hello from Edinburgh

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Just got myself a TL1000R 2000 with 10k on the clock, black with silver and yellow decals...IIRC... not ridden it yet; that's tomorrow.
Looking for some Owners Manual - got 4 versions of the Service manual...
Will post pictures tomorrow; Looking forward to the TL engine... My other bikes are 1999 Hayabusa.
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Just got myself a TL1000R 2000 with 10k on the clock, black with silver and yellow decals......!
Welcome to the Zone! :thumbup

Looking forward to the photos. I like the black Euro color scheme. :)
Welcome matey, dunno if I would tek it out on these roads not just yet, low mileage, sounds like a cracker. Salt will do it no good at all. Looking forward to some pics

I can attest to the fact that TLs and salt really don't mix. This was my rear caliper after last winter.

That being said, welcome.


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I ride my fav busa all year and I still run the 6pots and standard rear. Just give them a good clean every other week and they are 'ok'. The forecast is just rain tomorrow so should be okay for a trundle around ... I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Welcome, 2 great bikes you have. Would love a Busa in the stable.
Enjoy your first ride. Sounds like a nice bike coming your way.
Oh yes very nice indeed. :thumbup
Nice, nice. Well,was she all you hoped for on your first ride. not that you can get close you using her to the full on the roads as they are.
I've been spoilt for years I only ever ride the busa and TBH it's just silky smooth and precise.
The TL seems to be very very light and has a very sweet engine. The roads were pretty gubbed today so didn't get too happy with the throttle - I take on board advice about the torque of VTwins (I've owned a mille and V4's before). The TL is very flickable. Looks fantastic in a retro sort of way. I'm looking to tidy up a couple of imperfections. but it's a great bike and will try it out more when the weather is less gubbed.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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