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heli bars and rear damper questions

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What's up fellas. I am looking to put a set of helibars on my 2001tls, but can't find any anywhere. Is there some from a different bike that will fit? I have the stock forks still.

Also I just ordered a r1 rear damper. I am going to fabricate my own bracket. All the threads say 12mm thick for aluminum, what if I use steel?
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Go to put in "other". let them know what you have. My guess is they could jig a set up right quick for you. I have a pair on my bike. Love them. :cheers
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Unfortunately helibars have no intention of resuming the TL bars

I do have a set for sale tho.

follow crocks link or just PM me $275au posted international

5 or 6mm steel

if you are making the bracket find a link to mine and duplicate the pattern

it allows access to the top damper screw.
buy the helibars and I'll include a pattern for the bracket :devious :laugh
buy the helibars and I'll include a pattern for the bracket :devious :laugh
Opportunity missed there stu.
$300 for both has a good sound to it lol;)
I don't get it!

after being vocal about looking for a set of bars there is not a murmur from him.

and the pound has a great exchange rate to the aus dollar at the moment. :banghead
FFS hes in the US ............:brainfade :lol
What we call a "senior moment". :)
I think I have an actual Heli-Bar reservoir bracket for a TLS.
I think I have an actual Heli-Bar reservoir bracket for a TLS.
You must have kept that when I bought your helibars off you doug.
Do you still have my address. :lol.
I used to have three of them, I sent you one, I gave one to a buddy and I had one I used for other TLS with Heli-Bars.
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Sorry ring but I have been away for a while. Work has been calling me, it has been snowing here left and right, you know that white shit that falls from the sky when it gets cold. Sorry for the dry sense of humor.
Yes the exchange rate is great. About .90c on the us dollar.
if you want I can do the bars and the bracket for $300 au.

I include a piece of spacer material you can cut to suit the shock
I actually just made the bracket today at work. I used 1/4in plate steel. Witch measures 6mm. I layer it out using measurements off another thread. Then cut it out with a plasma cutter. I just need to get the proper drill bit to finish it off. When its done I will post a picture of it. I still have to think about the hell bars. I will keep you in mind if I get them.
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