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Headlight issue?

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Right then ... still doing the what works and what doesn't work. Noticed that the pass switch doesn't operate the headlight. Close inspection reveals that the o/s bulb connector has melted and that the light is notably dimmer than the other.

Any known issues around this things lights or is just a snag that I need to assess and fix. I'll see if I can get a new connector anyway.
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Electrical issues with any late 90's Suzuki's are wellknown. Replace the melted connector and inspect the others. Pass switch is black/red wire iirc.
Cheers m8 ... thanks for the response.
Quick blast around ebay and I have a connector on order. I note that you can get ceramic ones .... that'll stop the melting but of course it won't cure the reason why it got too hot in the first place.:confused
Amazing .... Fitted the new connector and discovered that the frickin bulb had a broken tang. There is literally nothing on this bike that hasn't been messed up. I dropped the forks out today and fitted the replacements ... again every component was screwed up. The muppet who owned this couldn't even figure out which bolts went where ... The top and bottom clamps, clip ons etc had all of the bolts messed up .... There are four different length bolts and no two corresponding bolt holes had the correct bolt in them. I'd kill this f#cker with a blunt instrument if I knew who it was. Whilst swapping the discs over to the replacement wheels I realised the the two discs were slightly different. Grrrr I wanted a challenge but this is pathetic. Still onwards and upwards we'll get there. Didn't even mention the fact that the Harris cans have had their threads stripped and they were partly stuck on with exhaust sealant. Will try to Helicoil them but if I'm honest it's probably not worth it. New cans are likely the way forward.
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helicoils should work just fine
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