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It's the breakdown of the UV coating and the light burning through. Unfortunately fix is replacement. You can however buy just the lens. Still a bit of work. Can do halos in the repair though.

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Powerbronze carries a headlight protector (in many color options) that many have used to replace the OEM lens when performing the HID/LED Projector conversion. The modification not cheap, but is anything cheap on a TL these days?
The link below shows a TLR image, but the description says the lens cover is for a TLS.
SUZUKI ,TL1000S, (

With a clear lens (that is, a lens without Fresnel prisms to control the beam direction), you will need projector lenses to manage the beam on the road, so as not to blind oncoming traffic? Then again, some state inspections may not allow the mod. Check your local laws.

Another option is to replace the entire headlight assembly. Here is one from ebay.
97-01 Suzuki TL1000S TLS TL1000 Headlight Head Light OEM | eBay
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