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Hayabusa Fork Swap Query HELP!!

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Hi all

Need some advice please people, I want to fit a Hayabusa K8/K9 complete front end, I want the slanted spoked wheel etc! and ive seen a complete set up so my question is can I fit the K8 yokes to my TLS?

Any advice is welcome thanks in advance.:)
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The Fork Swap Chart says the Busa front end should fit.

However, these issues come to mind, as I'm not familiar with the Busa triples.
  • Ignition switch mounting and steering lock location?
  • The lugs on the lower triple for the left/right steering stops?
  • The Busa forks are significantly shorter, so the geometry will change.

Otherwise, should be plug-n-play.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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