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1. Ensure your fuel tank has fresh gas in it. I wouldn't use the old stuff and also check for rust inside the tank. If it's rusted, get that taken care of before filling it up.
2. It's worth checking the condition of the radiator(s) and the coolant. Again, rust or debris is not what you want flowing through the system.
3. What's the condition of the battery? Is it charged or gone flat? It may need a charge or potentially a new battery.
4. Spark plugs, replace with new ones.
5. Check the wiring. Look at the starter relay and the two main loom connectors. You didn't say whether it's an R or an S. Either way, look at those connectors to ensure there's no corrosion on any of the terminals. If there is, clean them as best you can.

After that, give it go and see what happens.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts