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Had a nightmare with the TL this weekend

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So on Saturday I took it for a Power Commander and a map. Big chunk of change gone on that.

As well as bikes I'm into a spot of drifting and had a mate over on Sunday who was helping me swap out the open diff on my drift car for a limited slip diff. Long story short, I'd moved the TL away from the drift car so we could work on it, then reversed into it with the pickup truck. It went over and has caused a bunch of cosmetic damage as well as this damage to the frame:

So I'm going to strip the bike right down and get it welded.

There's some other things I've been wanting to do to it for a long time and just never wanted it off the road to do it. Since I don't have a choice in the matter, nows a good time.

I want to remove the fairing. It's now damaged on both sides and I prefer the naked look anyway. Anyone done this to theirs? At the moment I'm thinking the air intakes might be a pig to sort without the fairing but not sure what else I need to think about?
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Ouch ... Never a happy place to be.
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