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GSXR Fork slider advice

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Hi...recently bought a set of K5 GSXR750 forks secondhand from here that were supposed to be completely Ok....unfortunately on the first trip out they dumped most of the fork oil out all over the front wheel/disc and up the side of the engine..oh and my boots:)...and more importantly all over £90 worth of brand new pads....there is some light rust marks on the slider that weren't mentioned in the lead up to buying the forks strangely enough.:devious..thought I'd try them to see if they would seal, but lasted about 10 minutes...bit fed up with buying second hand stuff, seems people just want to sell you anything whether its usable or long as they get money from you, thats all that counts.

Anyway...the question is...could anyone tell me how the sliders are fixed in the bottom section (the caliper/wheel mounting)....was thinking of having a go at changing them myself if it's a job that can be done at home...or is it best to just leave them to the professionals?... these are going to end up being a very expensive set of forks:)
This TL ownership is hard expensive work:D..
Cheers (sorry for the moan, just needed to get it out)
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Sorry to hear that you purchased some kippers :(

Does this help ?

Doug created this excellent how to for the standard forks not sure if its helpful for the Gsxr forks.
If you are talking about removing the lower chrome stantions, then yes, you can do it at home. Like you I bought some 2nd hand forks for my R. They were advertised as ready to go. Well, the chrome lowers were discolored and had striations on them. I wasn't sure whether or not new seals would hold up, so I replaced the chrome tubes.

On the TLs, there's a small set screw on the inside of the fork. It's heavily Locktited in. I went to the local home center and bought a MAP gas torch. It's similar to propane, but burns hotter. Anyway, after heating up the screw, I was able to back that out. The heat also helped to loosen the Locktite holding the chrome lower into the lower caliper fixture, also the part the axle goes through. I used the axle to unscrew this from the chrome lower. One word of advise. Get a small dremel stone. Make it a little smaller than the set screw (if the GSXR forks have it). The set screw threads down into the threads on the chrome lower. If you don't grind that thread down a bit, you cold risk screwing up the threads in the caliper mount. Also, I didn't bother to put that screw back in. I Locktited the chrome lower. If that fails, that little set screw isn't going to do anything for you anyway.

Hope that helped.
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Thanks for all the info:cheers... some good stuff there, and the bit about cleaning up the set screw thread is a good call, makes sense...thanks again, much appreciated.
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