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My2001 with a 04/05 conversion
(Also for sell In classifides)
The swap was fairly easy
Used stock subby with some mods
Used heim joints on lower mounts to get a little more rise. Sub frame height is also fully adjustable now.
Used 04/05 stay and headlight. Stay mounting tab had to be modified a small amount
Had to make 3 brackets for side fairings and also trimmed the sides around the kickstand and took some thickness off in the knee area
Used some black abs plastic along the side of main frame as a filler.
Still waiting on my ram air tubes to arrive but I don't see any problem mounting them.
It can be done very easily.
Yes I love the look of the tlr but this complete conversion cost me 240$ where cheap tlr plastic is 300$+


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Welcome to the forum Fastphill88! :thumbup

Looks like a good effort on that GSXR bodywork! Where did you source the fairing panels from?

If you have any detail photos of the mounts and fittings, this would be a good thread to post them in.
Your work could help others undertaking a similar project. :)

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Unpainted abs plastic fairings 159$ with free ship off eBay
Fairing stay 38$ ebay free ship
Head light used off eBay 30$ new isn't much more
Used stock tlr seat although I bought a gsxr seat as well
For brackets I used 1/8 thick 3/4 wide alum flat stock.
The main frame to side fairings were pretty easy just used stock bolt holes bent L shaped brackets to the height I needed and bolted directly on.
The stay I had to make the lower bolt hole longer toward the bottom.
I just used a carbide bit took only a couple mins to get it where I needed it.
Most of the main mod work was to the subframe.
As you can see I cut off the bottom rear seat support rail and welded a new one back on a little higher it's under the plastic now.
I also cut off the last 3 inches of the sub frame at the tail light. Had to for the gsxr light to fit.
I just cut it off and welded a piece straight across.
Should have no issues supporting any amount of passenger weight.
For the subframe lift.
I just cut the mount holes off the bottom as close to the bolt hole as I could. This left a nice flat surface about 1/2 inch thick.
I drilled and tapped to 3/8 std size and used a 3/8 heim joint or ball end threaded into the subby with lock nuts on them.
I can unscrew them for more lift or turn them in for less.
The gsxr tail fairing bolted directly up to the front bolts under the seat.
The rear bolts under the seat I had to drill new holes in the plastic tab as the bolt holes were about 1/4 away from lining up.
Sorry I didn't take pics but when I strip it to paint I will get some.
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