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Gsxr 1000 k3/4 forks, what r6 calipers fit

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Hi got some gsxr1000 k3 forks that I'm going to fit can anyone tell me what year R6 calipers fit these forks and which are better the R6 radial calipers or the gsxr1000 radial calipers
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R6 calipers are a monoblock construction so generally considered better than the radial gsxrs (if you could notice the difference is debatable). I have r6 callipers on my gsxr1000k4 and they are excellent, with brembo pads, disks and RCS master cylinder stopping is like getting hit in the face with a spade. I have got myself a set of k4 forks for my TLS project and ended up with k3 calipers cause they were cheap and I was only going to ride the to on the road. K3 calipers have 4 pads per caliper while the k4 has two pads per caliper, k3 pads seem to be more expensiuve , performance wise never ridden them back to back to compare. Anything you get will be miles better than the rubbish from the factory!! ☺
Forgot to say any year radial r6 or r1 caliper will fit other than the later 6 pot r1 calipers.
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So what year R6 calipers do you have?
Sorry for delay in replying, I believe it was 06 ones I got.
Any of the radial R1 or R6 calipers gold spot/silver spot will fit, year doesn't matter. They all use the same 108mm bolt spacing that is found on the K3 Gixxer forks.
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