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I just got some great insurance rates covering my house (which I rent out) and renters insurance (covers my stuff in the place I rent) and car and motorcycle. The bike is actually with Progressive and less that way than bundled with the others (the bundle was Navy Fed Credit Union discount for Met Life insurance, but the motorcycle coverage bundled was still high). I saved enough to get full collision/comprehensive on the TLS! I haven't done that since I had the big BMW touring Orca.

Things that might have helped:
Older driver!
Many years riding experience
good neighborhood
good driving & claim record (Progressive only looks at 3 years, others looked at last 5 years)
continuous insurance coverage
low riding mileage lately
second vehicle
MSF course
I think the TLS is cheaper to insure than the TLR, and 996 < 1000
no flood coverage, which is about all I'm missing. With my luck there will be a sudden flood of biblical proportions.
no medical coverage for myself or passengers...they'd better have Obamacare. All my kids have other medical coverage and so do I now. i don't generally have anyone else on the back???
The bike is about $397 / year with $500 deductible for liability etc. plus full comprehensive and collision. $164/year without.

i didn't get trailer coverage yet, but there is some discount doing that thru Progressive too and bundling.

I think my address change helped (now Chantilly Virginia instead of Long Beach California)!

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