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I have managed to persuade a good friend to come over to the TLS side from a Duc 748, expeact him to make an appearance soon, he is looking at a German Import today/tomorrow
I have mentioned

Oil Seal

Any other pointers suggestions. It is on a 98 plate, but standard. The German ones won't be restricted will they?

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Ja, the German ones are restricted. If its been knocking about since '98 (especially in this country) its more than likely to have been de-restricted.
Mine's a German import but it puts out healthy power now.
Check the headlight has been converted so it points the right way and will pass its MOT.
Can't remember what the restrictions are but I'm sure if you do a search you'll find out.
Other checks;
Usual stuff (consumables) - tyres, chain/sprockets etc
Gearbox (jumping out of gear under load)
Slipping clutch
Fork seals
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