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Gearing //////////

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Running 17 front and 41. rear how fare out is the speedo ? I was up it a bit today and speedo seemed optimistic :O
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given the std speedo can be out by 10% its not possible to accurately say.
So that would be reading ,fast ?
Duck tape a tom tom gps on the bike
Easy way to find out. :thumbup
Duck tape a tom tom gps on the bike
duct tape.....

no real need .

the freeway north to tasi's place has a 5k marked distance.

sit the bike on 100 and time it with a watch and then calculate the error

or find out who is supplying the kit for this project. ( jaycar most likely ),+Mk.3
Exept for finding out true speed at 50/60/ 70/ 80 /90 / 100 and so on.
How about doing the same trip at 50, 60, 70, 80 etc.....?

Or are we talking km/h? In which case stick a 2 in front of all those numbers. :devil
you could always wait for a copper to pull you and tell you your speed :D
Did that already. Not sure I want to repeat the experience. They took my toy (I mean my license) away. Said I can only have it back if I behave. If I'm naughty again they'll make me sit in a corner. Of a jail cell.

You get a free GPS with just about any android smartphone, provided you don't mind turning on all the spying functions. Borrow someone else's to do the testing. :laugh
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100 kph is critical in oz

get it right and everything less is close enough.
My Bandit has a speedo healer on board and is pretty close (now) to being right .I'll follow that and do the scientific method .Getting them to stick a leg out at 100 kph .
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1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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