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Gave it a spruce up and a bit of a clean

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My poor TL was looking a bit sorry for itself a couple of months ago; using it as an everyday tool in all weathers was giving the ol' girl a proper hammering.

I took her off the road for a bit and did a few jobs:

  • Changed the tyres (Pilot Road 3's)
  • Changed the head bearings (bit notchy)
  • Rebuilt the front calipers
  • Rebuilt the clutch master cylinder
  • Replaced the clutch slave cylinder
  • Replaced the pushrod oil seal
  • Checked the valve clearances (no adjustments required)
  • Replaced the two exhaust gaskets for the RHS pipe (graphite one was in pieces again)
  • Replaced the Fuel aftermarket cans with OEM ones
  • Fitted the wiring for my heated jacket
  • Replaced a couple of blown bulbs
  • Repaired a few dodgy wiring connections
  • Gave it a clean (first one for a long time!)
  • Changed the oil & oil filter
  • Changed the air filter for an OEM one

Here she was last Saturday after being put back together:

Clicked over 39,000 miles this morning :)
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Sounds like a lot of work, looks great! Were the head bearings a tough job?
Right now get back into the garage and clean that up! Well that's what my wife would have said to me ....

Bike's looking sweet after a bit of fettling and burnishing ... Good job outta ya. :thumbup
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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