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Full system for TLS???

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Gday everyone, I would really like to get a yoshi full system with R77 carbon cans for my TLS but it seems this is unlikely as I can't find anything anywhere.
You can buy 47 different types of headers for the R but *%&^ all for the S.
I know the R77s are new and the bike is old but Im sure you could fit them. I have Magnum Racing Performance bolt on cans now and they're cool but Im sure I'll need slip ons to go onto header pipes if I can find any.
Any help would be appreciated, Cheers Jimmy.
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Anyone interested in an M4 full system for your TLS go to group buys on TLPLANET. You know you want one, its only money.
Just can not help your self can you .Didn't I hear " i'll keep it stock ".
I may have mumbled something along those lines mate, but a little bit of bling never hurt anyone did it? So the question is, are you gonna get one?
They (Yoshimura systems) come up for sale from time to time. We're also still working on Yoshimura to make more, send them an email asking for one. Last I heard they still haven't decided whether or not they'll make a run of parts and/or systems.

Someone has what appears to be part of an Akrapovic system for sale. You'd still need to source the front header pipe, mids and mufflers. Good price if you can find the rest of the parts.

LPCloseout on eBay had the mid pipes for sale a while ago, if you're interested in this it might be worth your while to send them a message and ask if they have any more. They have a large amount of inventory that isn't listed.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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