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Fuel Pump Issue

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Hello all lets see if we can get the community to help . . .

The fuel pump will not prime when the key is turned, therefor the bike will not run.

1997 TL1000S
*Sitting for 2 years.
*No issues before 2 year mark.
*New battery.
*Fuel pump relay replaced (didn't need to but did it anyway), voltage and resistance within range.
*Tip over sensor voltage and resistance within range.
*Tried jumping the wires at fuel pump relay and the pump still will not run.
*No error codes while in dealer mode.

Question is this, how can I test the pump directly to make sure its bad, because I'm not willing to spend the cash on a pump for a "maybe".
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maybe the pump is clogged up. prob a good ides to clean the pump out and replace the fuel filter. i installed a hard line then put a inline fuel filter under the tank.
Do you remember what filter you used? That fuel line is pretty hard. Any problems getting it to seal?
Thanks for the part number and info. I think this is the route i want to go since my tank was pretty rusted when I first got the bike. It had set for several years. I cleaned the hell out of the tank but I'm sure there is still some junk in there and once they start rusting I think it continues. Thanks again!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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