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Front sprocket assembly -TLS

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And yes, i have used the search button.. :laugh
But i cant find exactly what im looking for..

When i took the old front sprocket off the order was:
1 Allen bolt for speedo
2 speedo castle "nut"
3 sprocket nut
4 sprocket
5 thin washer

Am i missing something here? Should there be a washer between the nut and sprocket too? Or is it the thin washer that has been put in the wrong place by PO?

Should i loctite the big sprocketnut? And should i grease the axle?
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This diag shows it the other way around ie from outer to inner nut, washer, sprocket. 1997-2001/tl1000strans.htm
Ok, from the looks of things, washer goes between sprocket and nut.. What about loctite on the threads? Will i be able to take it off again? :)
no loctite needed :)
Perfect, now i can go and finish that, then!
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